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About Our Charity

Gobardanga Jagori was conceptualized with only one aim-to work for the children with special needs, helping them to bring out what they are and capable of.

Aim and object:-

l) The main objective of the NGO is to develop confidence in the minds of all type of mentally/physically challenged children and motivating them towards a normal daily life. Guardian’s participation is also an important part. Jagori gives positive reinforcement and engage them in various works and in craft project.
2) To create awareness among the entire society and the members of the society by drama, music, role-play act and many more.
3) Helping and teaching the mentally/Physically challenged.
4) To increase the education level of all kind physically and mentally challenged.
Using various TLM (Teaching Learning material) and to boost them.
5) To promote persons with disabilities for uplift others. To encourage them and gift them a smooth life.
6) To organize various seminars, awareness cultural program, sports, activity on the burning issues for the persons with disabilities.

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Our Mission

To improve the lives of the children and youth with disabilities by optimizing the accessibility of affordable therapy, as well as market oriented vocational training courses, so that they can develop the necessary life skills, become financially empowered, and live with dignity.


People with disabilities must not be perceived as a burden, having no power and control on their lives. They should rather be treated with dignity and respect. People with disabilities should have the necessary agency to decide for themselves; and should have access to the necessary support that they need to optimize their dreams, choices, decisions, desires, and life as a whole.

Our Vision

To create infrastructure and opportunities, where the children and youth with disabilities can access necessary services and experience equity, acceptance, inclusivity, empowerment, recognition in their social and familial contexts.

Official Person

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